This “StarterSite” will give you a significant head start on building a Drupal site.

Creating ambitious site builders is my passion and I hope you find inspiration and help here.

What This StarterSite Gives You

  • Click on one link and it creates the entire site in a usable, web based platform with Visual Studio Code built in.
  • Customized site with Site Builder best practices
    • Admin Toolbar
    • Google Analytics
    • Enhanced WYSIWYG editor
    • Workflows
    • Scheduled content
  • Four Content Types with fields
  • Page and Block Views
  • Asset Injector - so you can test CSS before committing it to your theme
  • Pre-configured theme (DXPR)
  • Fully developed Digital Asset Management system with keywords, usage stats, and common image styles available in both fields and the wysiwyg editor.
  • Built-in social sharing buttons
  • Fully Configured Layout Builder with block types, styles colors and settings so you don’t have to do the hard work (this alone will save hours!)
    • Basic Block
    • Buttons
    • Cards
    • File List
    • Google Map
    • Heading
    • Image Embed
    • Video Block
    • Banner
    • Tall Banner with Text
    • Stat Cards
    • Video (fully responsive)
  • Free development server (at
  • Complete guide to installation on a web server.

Check out the demo page

List of Installed and Configured Modules

  • Admin Toolbar
  • Asset Injector
  • Backup &Migrate
  • Better Exposed Filters
  • Better Social Sharing Buttons
  • Block Token
  • Custom Formatter
  • Custom Section Classes
  • Diff
  • Editor Advanced Link
  • Entity Usage
  • Focal Point / Crop API
  • Google Analytics
  • Layout Builder Blocks
  • Layout Builder Bootstrap
  • Layout Builder Modal
  • Layout Builder Reorder
  • Layout Builder Restrictions
  • Layout Builder Save and Edit
  • Layout Builder Styles
  • Layout Builder
  • Linkit
  • Media 
  • Metatag
  • Pathauto/Token/CTools
  • Redirect
  • Save and Edit
  • Scheduler
  • Section Library
  • Simple GMap
  • Simple XML Sitemap
  • Telephone
  • Token Block
  • Workflows / Content Moderation
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