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My company builds Drupal websites and I've personally trained over 50,000 people to use Drupal over the past 13 years.  I've had the opportunity to work with Drupal's features for developing a diverse range of websites and huge array of government, business and non-profit web teams .  I choose Drupal every time.

Why site builders should consider using Drupal for their projects.

Engagement and Support from the Community
Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) that benefits from a community of developers, site builders and users who actively contribute to its growth by enhancing security measures and providing documentation. This active community ensures enhancements to Drupals functionality and readily available support.

Adaptability and Growth Potential
One of the standout aspects of Drupal is its adaptability and scalability. Whether you are creating a blog or a sophisticated corporate website with traffic Drupal offers the versatility to meet your needs. Its modular design allows you to start with features and expand as necessary without having to rebuild your site.

Comprehensive Content Management Features
Drupal stands out in its ability to effectively manage content structures and hierarchies. It enables users to establish custom content types and fields making it an excellent choice for websites that demand content organization, such as platforms, news sites or e-commerce stores.  Since almost everything in Drupal is an "entity", meaning you can attach fields that store data, the possibilities are endless for customization and unlimited ways to display the information.

Security is Always a Concern
Drupal's dedicated security team is constantly alerting users to any security vulnerabilities. Its solid security track record has established it as a trusted platform for government websites and other high profile sites that prioritize security measures.

Robust Feature Availability
Drupal boasts a library of modules allowing users to enhance their websites with features without the need for custom coding. From SEO tools and social media integration to e commerce solutions and user management functionalities there's a module for every website requirement.

Drupal's Theming System
The flexibility of Drupals theming system grants users the freedom to customize their sites appearance according to their brands aesthetics and functional needs. Whether opting for a made theme or crafting a bespoke design Drupal offers customization capabilities.

SEO is a Priority
Recognized for its SEO nature Drupal comes equipped with features like URLs, customizable page titles, metadata options and a range of SEO modules designed to optimize sites for search engines. These tools aim at enhancing visibility and driving traffic to your website effectively. See for more.

Multilingual Capabilities are Second to None
Additionally Drupal supports websites by default simplifying the process of creating content, in languages to reach diverse audiences worldwide.

One Code Base - Many Sites
Moreover its ability to handle websites within a Drupal setup makes it convenient, for overseeing numerous sites with similar functions.

In summary Drupal stands out for its adaptability, scalability, robust content management system and active community backing making it a preferred option for site builders looking for a platform that can expand and adapt to their requirements. Its strong security features and SEO advantages further solidify its position as a pick, for businesses, government entities and organizations worldwide.

Whether you're constructing a blog or a sophisticated corporate website, Drupal provides the tools and versatility to establish a compelling online presence. 

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